The Book of Thankfulness

Every other Monday
Miftaah Institute Cafe

“Wondrous the affair of the believer for there is good for him in every matter and this is not the case with anyone except the believer. If he is happy, then he thanks Allah and thus there is good for him, and if he is harmed, then he shows patience and thus there is good for him.” – Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

The journey of life is full of tests and blessings, and how we respond to each of them will shape our destination in the Afterlife. An intimate understanding of thankfulness and patience are the keys to success. Join us every other Monday from 7-9pm, starting April 22, at the Miftaah Institute cafe for our latest series: The Book of Thankfulness, inspired by the writings of Imam al-Ghazali from Ihya Ulum Al-Din, The Revival of the Religious Sciences.

Social hour is from 7:00-8:00 PM, with the lecture and discussion from 8:00-9:00 PM. Gatherings are open to young professionals ages 23+ from all faiths and backgrounds. We look forward to welcoming you!

Event Speakers

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Waheed

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Waheed is an Advisor and Facilitator for Thabaat. He is a Co-founder of Miftaah Institute and also serves as Dean of Academic Affairs at Michigan Islamic Institute. He began Islamic studies at Jaamiah al-Uloom al-Islamiyyah, where he became a Hafiz. He started his 7 year Shariah program in Toronto, Canada and graduated with honors, receiving Ijazzat for teaching Hadith from prominent scholars from around the world.

Tareq Tamr

Tareq Tamr is the Program Director for Thabaat. He lives in Farmington Hills, MI and works at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research as the Senior Social Media Manager. He studied Psychology with a minor in Philosophy and is continuing Islamic Studies on a part-time basis. He grew up in Windsor, ON and has served the local community as a youth director, khateeb, and lecturer for youth and young professionals.